Peer-Supported Tutorials

Peer-supported tutorials are organized for technically difficult modules. They are not tutorials in the conventional sense of the term tutorial. They are learning sessions that are facilitated by other students/postgrad students who performed well in the same module. They give students opportunities to apply in practice what was covered in lectures, thus leading to deeper learning and more effective recall for exams. More appropriately, they are also referred to as peer-supported learning group (PSLG) sessions.

How can PSLG sessions help me?

PSLG sessions provide an opportunity for you to engage in activity-based learning, to discuss difficult course content with your classmates, and to test yourself before your lecturer does. The sessions are led by trained student leaders/tutors who performed well in the same modules. They attend some lectures with you and they provide you with lots of sample questions and answers, advice, and useful tips to prepare you for exams.

Can anyone go along to the PSLG sessions?

PSLG sessions are targeted at certain modules and classes; typically 1st year and 2nd year modules. The modules selected are usually difficult modules that students might need help with.

When and where are the PSLG sessions held?

All ECE PSLG sessions are held in the Student Support Centre, room C2061, main building. The timetable for the Spring semester 2010/10 is now available here.

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