Centre Services

The Regional Peer Supported Learning Centre is committed to offering the following services to the Shannon Consortium partner institutes:

  • Provide advice and assistance for any faculty/staff member, department and/or college interested in setting up a Peer Supported Learning programme as to what model would be suitable for their specific need; and how to initiate, deliver, monitor and evaluate such a program.
  • Deliver a number of induction programmes/seminars about Peer Supported learning and PSLG model to faculty and teaching staff across all colleges of the Shannon consortium.
  • Deliver a number of scheduled PSLG student leader training workshops for departments/colleges/ institutes planning to implement their own PSLG programmes.
  • Maintain a Regional Peer Supported Learning Centre website and provide relevant resources. Future initiatives in this area will include the introduction of a moderated web forum to further facilitate student interaction.
  • Pilot new PSLG programmes across UL and other Shannon Consortium partner institutes.

A list of the modules currently being supported by the PSLG programme can be located here on our modules page.

If you wish to receive more information about any of these services please contact the Regional PSL centre manager.

Services Overview

The Regional PSLC offers a wide range of services including:

For more information go to our services page.

Contact Us

The Regional PSLC is open Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.

Room C2-061, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
Telephone: +353-6121-3352
Online: http://pslc.ul.ie
E-mail: james.murphy@ul.ie