UL Cybercamp 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions. Some of the more commonly asked ones are below. For anything else please feel free to contact the camp co-ordinator, Clem O'Donnell

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Who's Eligible?

Students from 13 years and up, attending a secondary school are eligible to apply to attend the camp. Please contact Clem O'Donnell at the contact details below for more details.

Will food be provided?

All food and beverages must be either brought by the students from home or purchased on campus. No food or beverages will be provided by the camp.

Will headphones be supplied for the Audio/Computer Music Session?

No, personal headphones must be brought in by students for use within the Audio/Computer Music session

How Do I Pay?

We have recently added an online payment portal for registration and payment. Please click on the green link below, and follow the instructions as presented to register and pay for a place for your child(ren) on UL Cybercamp 2019.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Clem at 061-234195 or by email at Clem.odonnell@ul.ie